At 310 Audio, we specialize in sound systems that come with integrated lighting, creating an instant party atmosphere with lights that flash to the beat of the music, and we have just sold our 2000th unit.

Technology is advancing apace, and some of the best innovations of the last couple of years are only now starting to be recognized, as invention is now accelerating beyond people’s ability to keep up with it. One of the most fun and original inventions is championed by 310 Audio, in the form of speakers that have their own integrated light show which intuitively times itself to the beat of the music the speakers are playing. We have made a strong start to 2016 with the milestone sale of our 2000th unit, and we are looking toward exponential growth in the year ahead.

The unique Party Speaker System utilizes high quality audio output with dazzling light configurations that feature LEDs, seven color disco balls, woofer lights and more to create stunning displays that synchronize with the beats being played. At the same time, every Speaker with lights is integrated with the latest technology, including Bluetooth connectivity, enabling individuals to create a nightclub atmosphere from their mobile phone.

The milestone demonstrates that the integrated systems are finally beginning to catch on in earnest, and in 2016 we have already seen the best sales figures for any given January. We will continue to release new models of party audio equipment, from portable battery powered items to huge towers, guaranteeing that people get the best experience at any budget.

It’s really exciting for us to reach such a milestone. As a small independent online store, it is really exciting for this many customers to have found us, trusted us and invested in our products. What’s more exciting is that those who have been so impressed by the products, recommended them to friends and colleagues, so the popularity continues to grow as word spreads. We have every confidence that 2016 will result in our best year ever.

Thank you for part in helping us achieve this amazing milestone.


The 310 Team