This is the first time we have offered a sale on SP-64BT and they are flying off the shelves. We will most likely run out of inventory before the sale ends. Get SP-64BT Bluetooth Party Speaker System now for only $139.49.

SP-64BT has stunning lights that flash along with the beat of the music. Along with the high fidelity sound, these lights make for a stunning effect that immerses you into the music. 

SP-64BT also comes with a trolley handle and wheels which makes it extremely portable. You can wheel it in and out of storage with no problem.

The Bluetooth on this party speaker system can be used from as far as 30ft allowing you to party without wires holding you back. Along with our wireless microphone system which is $15 extra, you can sing along to the music playing through Bluetooth without wires as well. 

The included SD and USB ports allow you to use your USB and SD cards as albums and playlists. Just insert the songs that you would like onto your USB or SD card and insert it into it's respective port. The speaker will automatically begin to play the songs on the card and you can skip through the tracks with your remote or with the buttons on the control panel. 

Don't miss out on the deal of a lifetime. To buy SP-64BT, click the link below.