We have  many new items in stock that are worthwhile to check out. Our most notable is SP-388BT. It has 2x15" woofers and features a rugged design that will look great in your backyard. And with 3500W of peak power, you may be waking up the neighbors with this one. SP-388BT is great new addition to our store as people have been giving us great feedback about it. 

You can see more about SP-388BT here.

Our other new speaker uses 7-Color LED lights in innovative ways and the result is impressive. SP-144BT is a 2x12" party speaker with a great sound and lights that will illuminate the entire room with multiple colors. Includes a Sound Active Disco Ball, Woofer Lights, and Accents Lights. Ideal for any indoor or outdoor party where quality lights and sound are primary concern. Works great as an addition to a Dj setup s well. 

You can see more about SP-144BT here

We have also added a few cables to the accessories category as well. This is in response to few customers who wanted the ability to play the same music out two speakers. We now stock splitter cables that will allow you to split the audio from devices to any two speakers.

Along with the cables, we've also added a new wireless microphone set that comes with two microphones.  

See the new cables and wireless microphone system here.