Dolphin recently came out with a new speaker and we finally got our hands on it. SP-600BT is bazooka speaker that has two 6.5" woofers on each side and two forward facing tweeters. These woofers and tweeter put out a a high fidelity sound that sounds great indoors. Also featured in this speaker are unique LED lights never before seen on any other speaker. These lights can to flash and change color along with the music that is playing through the speaker or it can be set to stay one color. This creates for an effect that lights up the entire room with color.

Along with the great sound and unique lights this bazooka speaker includes all of the other great features that are included with other party speakers. Including, microphone inputs, USB/SD MP3 player, Bluetooth, and a high capacity rechargeable battery. 

Buy an SP-600BT Bazooka Speaker here today. 


Bazooka Speaker - Front View

Bazooka speaker - rear view