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  • Dolphin Home Party Speaker With Bluetooth And Lights - 1600W

Dolphin Home Party Speaker with Bluetooth and Lights - 1600W

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  • This speaker is small enough to tuck in the corner of your living room and loud enough to entertain a party of up to 30 people. Coming in at 1600W this party speaker delivers a massive sound for it's small size.    

    USB Dock Charger

    In addition to the USB port which allows you to play your MP3 files, this speaker also includes a USB port where you can plug in a charging cable for your phone. This is convenient for times where you wish to play your music through bluetooth but have low batteries on your device.

    Multicolor Accent Light

    This speaker features a 7-color accent light under the volume knob which looks great and is a perfect addition to any party or home setting. 


    SP-11BT features the latest generation of bluetooth which allows you to play music from up to 30ft away without wires. Bluetooth is the ultimate way to play your music files from Spotify, Apple Music, or any other music streaming platform.  

    USB MP3 Player

    With the included  USB port, you can use your USB drive as an album or playlist by placing your music files on it. Then insert the card into the USB port on the speaker and it will automatically begin to play the songs. You can then skip through the songs with the buttons, remote, and LCD display.

    Auxiliary Input Jack

    In addition to the Bluetooth and USB inputs, you can listen to music through the auxiliary input by using an auxiliary cable connected to a television or media player. This feature is useful for those who wish to use this speaker as a sound bar.

    FM Radio

    If you get tired of your playlist or the same old songs that are playing on Spotify, this speaker allows you switch to radio mode to play music curated by your favorite disc jockey.

    Digital Equalizer

    With a push of a button you can tune your speaker to sound it's best it can for 7 different types of music. This feature can be left off for neutral listening. 

    Battery Input Jack (DC 15-22V) 

    This speaker does not come with a battery inside but you can purchase battery that puts out DC 15-22V and connect it with this speaker and use it on the go. This is great for tailgate parties or any other outdoor event. With a battery that has a large enough capacity, this speaker can last you the entire day. 


    • Remote Control
    • Digital Equalizer
    • LED Indicator Display
    • Colorful LED Light
    • Bluetooth Function
    • FM Radio
    • USB MP3 Player
    • Dual 5.25” Woofers
    • Dual 3” Tweeters
    • 1600W PMPO
    • Impedance: 4Ω+4Ωx2
    • Seperation: 60db
    • Frequency Response: 38HZ-20KHZ
    • DC Battery Input: 15-22v 
    • AC: 110-240V 50/60Hz

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  • can this run on a car battery

    Yes, it can run on a car battery. The reccommended voltage is 15-22V but it will still run on a car battery.