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Rechargeable 15" Bluetooth Party Speaker with Sound Activated Lights - 3100W

10 reviews + Free Shipping - In Stock

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  • This rechargeable 15" Bluetooth speaker looks as good as it sounds. With its beautiful front facing control board you can easily control the many functions without moving the speaker around. The high capacity battery will allow you to listen to music outdoors for over 7 hours. 


    Included inside this speaker is a high capacity 7000 mAh battery which allow you to play music at high volumes for over 7 hours. This will prevent you from needing to charge the speaker while you are in the middle of a party. Ideal for a long day the beach or the park. Included in the rear of this speaker is a 12v DC battery input jack which will allow you to connect another battery if needed. Battery cable also included in the box. 

    Party Mode

    With a flip of the switch on the rear panel, the blue light will turn on and change in in intensity and pulse along with the beat of the music. This creates for a stunning light show that is unique to each song. 


    With the latest generation of Bluetooth, you can play music from up to 30ft away without cables. This offers you the freedom to chose your tracks without having to stop what you are doing. 

    SD/USB MP3 Player

    With the included SD and USB ports, you can use your USB or SD cards as albums or playlists by placing your music files on them. Then insert the card into its respective port and the speaker will automatically begin to play the songs. You can then skip through the songs with the buttons or remote and LCD display.

    Three 1/4" Microphone and Guitar Inputs

    With the three included 1/4" audio jacks, you can connect two microphones and one guitar and control the sound of each separately. This creates for the ultimate karaoke experience where you can sing and play the guitar with your friends. 

    Speaker stand compatibility 

    On the bottom if this speaker is a hole which allows you to mount this speaker onto any speaker stand. Get 15% off this speaker stand with the purchase of this speaker. Enter STAND15 at checkout to receive this discount. 


    Use it in your backyard, at the park, or at day on the beach. For the ideal party experience, purchase a speaker stand and set it wherever you like. There is no need to worry about connecting it to an outlet.  


    • Included Remote Control and Wired Karaoke Microphone
    • One 15" Woofer and Horn Tweeter with powerful magnets
    • Bluetooth and FM Radio Modes
    • USB/SD/Mini SD MP3 Player
    • Auxiliary Input Input Jack (AUX-IN) 
    • Three 1/4" Microphone/Guitar Jacks with dedicated volume controls 
    • 5-Band Master Equalizer
    • LCD Indicator Display 
    • Sound Activated LED Light
    • 3100W Peak Power
    • Battery Capacity: 7000 mAh (7+ Hours) 
    • External Battery Input (12v DC) with Inluded Cable

Questions & Answers

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  • Does it have a radio

    Yes, it has an FM Scan radio. 

  • What type of cable is required to charge this device?

    It comes with an AC adaptor which plugs in to the wall.

  • Can we use this speaker for karaoke singing?

    Yes, you can plug in two microphones and control the volume, bass, echo, and delay seperately from the music that is playing from any of the other sources.

  • Do it comes with a remote?

    Yes, this speaker comes with a full size remote.

  • Does this speaker have wheels so it can roll?

    Yes they do, it has a trolley too so it is easy to move around. 

  • I just bought 2 (SP-1500RBT) but I am not able to connect them via blue tooth to play simultanously. Plays only one at a time. How can I conect to play them at the same time from my J7 Samsung android?

    Hi, this speaker doesnt have the ability to connect together as a pair. You would need a seperate system to connect both speakers to and then connect your phone to that system. 

  • Can the speaker be connected to the TV and used for volume?

    Yes, you can connect it to your tv with an aux cable or bluetooth. Whichever your TV supports. 

  • How does the light work on this speaker? Can it be turned off?

    The lights on this speaker can be turned on and off and they are sound activated. This means that they get brighter along with beat of the music but also can be turned off all together. 

  • Can I use this speaker with the stand you guys sell?

    Absolutely. Use the code STAND15 at checkout to get 15% off the stand when you purcahse it along with a rechargeable speaker.

  • Can you play music while the Battery is charging.

    Absolutely, this is called passthrough charging which is a feature on this speaker. You can also buy an exrtra 12V battery and hook it up to the back of the speaker with the included cable to charge the speaker outdoors where you are not near any outlets. The built in 7000 mAh battery will last you over 7 hours but these features are useful to help it last even longer.  

  • How tall is this speaker?

    This speaker is 27 Inches tall with the handle retracted and 38 Inches tall with the handle fully extended. 

  • How much does it weigh?

    This speaker weighs 30 lbs