There are many types of Party Speakers, large ones, small ones, tall ones, some with a battery... but one thing all party speakers have in common are lights.

What are Party Speakers?

Party Speakers are speaker systems which use LED lights, Bluetooth, and other features in order to create an ideal party environment. Party speakers come in many different sizes and may include accessories such as microphones and audio cables. 

In 2015, party speakers gained widespread popularity all around the country when many americans opted to "ditch the DJ" and buy an attractive speaker that can do a large part of the job at a fraction of the price. Thus spawned countless of DJ's who opted buy party speakers for themselves to use at their events as to not get replaced by them. Today, the party speaker movement is going strong with many companies entering the market trying to stake their claim. 

Party speakers were invented by Dolphin Audio, in 2012, after the founder and CEO  decided that there is no reason for speakers and lights to be separated. Dolphin's line of Party Speakers took the market by storm with customers embracing the new idea. The party audio industry has since been revolutionized and reformed to include a variety speakers with lights incorporated into them. 

How can one improve your next party? 

Party speakers include many state of the art features that can enhance the mood of your party and can take away the hassle of needing to hire a DJ. These are some of the features that are included which we think will improve your party.


Party speakers include lights that flash and change color along with the beat of the music. This makes for a stunning effect that will loosen your guests' hips making them want to dance along with the music as well. The lights that are built into party speakers come in a variety of ways. These sound activated lights are what made party speakers so unique and popular.


Most party speakers make for great karaoke machines but there are ones that make for better karaoke machines than others. Most party speakers include 1/4" (6.35mm) jacks which allow you to connect your microphones and guitars. Once connected, you can use your instruments to sing and shred along with music that is playing through the speaker.  

Along with the quarter inch jack, some party speakers include wireless microphones inside the box. These microphones just require two AA batteries and they are ready to be used. We have a list of such speakers that you can see here

There are also some party speakers which are the ultimate karaoke machines. They include large displays along with DVD players which can be used to play a dvd filled with karaoke videos. They include audio/video inputs which allow you to connect any  compatible device. 


One of the things that makes party speakers so great is the Bluetooth functionality. Bluetooth is compatible with all smartphones which allows anyone to play their music on a party speaker without hassle. The music can be controlled from the bluetooth device or using the mp3 controls on the speaker.