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  • Bluetooth Party Speaker System with 2x10

Bluetooth Party Speaker System with 2x10" woofers and LED Star Panel - 1600W

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  • Bluetooth

    With bluetooth built in to this party speaker, you can play music wirelessly from any Bluetooth device. This is optimal as you can control the volume and songs from your phone while you are away from the speaker. 

    Disco Lights 

    Built in to the top of the speaker is a disco ball that beams light across the whole room and changes color along with the beat of the music.  In addition to the disco ball, this speaker feature woofer coves with vibrant lights. The lights on the woofer covers flash along with beat of the music and the result is spectacular light show. 

    SD / USB MP3 Player 

    With the included SD and USB ports, you can now use your USB's or SD cards as albums or playlists by placing your music files on them. Then insert your USB or SD card in their respective port and the speaker will automatically begin to play the songs. You can then skip through the songs with the buttons and interactive display. 

    Microphone and Guitar Inputs

    Have an electric guitar? a microphone? or both? With this speaker you can now sing and/or shred along to your favorite song that is playing through Bluetooth, the radio, Auxiliary or SD/USB. There is no better to immerse yourself into your favorite song than to play with the band members.  

    FM Scan

    You can get access to all the FM bands with speaker. Listen to your favorite beats from your favorite disc jockey. 

    Graphic Equalizer

    If you like to fine tune your listening, this speaker has a 7-band equalizer so you can really make the speaker sound exactly the way you like within each frequency range. 


    • Trolley Wheel and Handle
    • 7 Band Graphic Equalizer
    • Remote Control
    • Disco Ball
    • Bluetooth Functionality
    • SD/USB Mp3 Player
    • Mini Jack & Stereo Aux Inputs
    • FM Radio 
    • 3 Microphone/Guitar Inputs 
    • Woofers: 2x10"
    • Tweeters: 2x3"
    • Music Power: 100W RMS (1600W Peak Power)
    • Voltage: AC 110v
    • Master Carton: 15"x14"x36"
    • Gross Weight: 44lbs


Questions & Answers

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  • Can the speaker be used indoor and outdoor with or with out being connected to an electrical wall input? If yes how many hours before heading to get recharge ?

    Hello, this speaker does not have a battery. You can see our rechargeable speakers here

  • Why it don't have a am radio station

    Great question. Normally AM radio stations only have the news and other info based media which is not best suited for a speaker which is meant to play music. This is why AM is usually omitted from these types of speakers. We carry one unit which has AM radio as well as FM, SW1 and SW2 but it is a lot smaller. You can view SP-411BT here.

  • Would i be able to hook up a wireless microphone while i have my phone thru bluetooth?

    Yes, this wouldn't be a problem.