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  • ELITE Series Professional Dual 15

ELITE Series Professional Dual 15" Party Speaker with RAVE™ Light - 6500W

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  • The ELITE™ Series line from Dolphin is dedicated for the most premium of speakers. Designed for DJ's yet usable for amateurs alike, the ELITE Speakers incorporates professional parts and functions yet still has features such as Bluetooth to make it easy for anyone to get started. SPX-280BT has first installment of the RAVE™ light which was expertly crafted by engineers to uniquely react with the sound of the music. 

    rechargeable party speaker with lights animated

    RAVE™ Light  

    This speaker features the first installment of Dolphin's patented RAVE™ light system which was crafted by engineers to follow the music and create a unique light show for each song. The light shines bright and switches between multiple vibrant colors and effects. The RAVE™ Light can be turned on or off with a flip of a switch on the back of the unit.


    SPX-280BT features the latest generation of Bluetooth so you never have to worry about having an unreliable connection. Play music from over 30 feet away with any bluetooth enable device without interruption. 

    Professional Audio Inputs

    Being an ELITE™ Series speaker, this unit has three different input channels; a great fit for any DJ. The main input channel has four modes: Bluetooth, SD/USB MP3, Auxiliary, or FM radio. In Auxiliary mode, you can play music from two sources on the main channel using the stereo and XLR input Jacks.
    The second and third channels each have an 1/4" and XLR jack which can be used simultaneously. The volume of each channel can be controlled separately from each other.     

    Two 1/4" Microphone Jacks

    The second and third channel of this speaker each have a 1/4" audio jack which allows you to connect any audio source, such as a microphone, and control the volume separately from the music playing on the main channel.

    Powered and Unpowered Output Jacks

    This unit makes it easy to connect any active or passive speaker for the ultimate DJ setup. With the XLR Output jack, you can connect two SPX-280BT's together using an XLR cable. Simply attach the female end of the XLR cable to the output jack of the main speaker and connect the male end to an XLR input jack on the secondary speaker.
    To connect a passive speaker, such as subwoofer, you can use an NL4 audio cable and connect one to the 8 ohm output and the other end to the corresponding input jack on the subwoofer.

    Sound Controls

    The sound board on this speaker allows you to have fine control of your music and the sound coming from each channel. Along with the level input for each channel, there is also a master equalizer, master volume control, bass control, and treble control. This allows you to easily tune the speaker the way you like and control which channel is more or less pronounced.   


    This speaker was built with a high quality 300W RMS amplifier, hardened ABS plastic cabinet in a trapezoidal shape, wide dispersions compression driver, bi-amplified 2x15" woofers with KSV voice coils, and daisy chain capability. So it goes without saying that this is the best speaker for any DJ professional. With Bluetooth technology, this speaker is also suitable for any amateur or casual user. 

    This speaker alone can handle a party of a 100 people and paired together with another unit, this speaker can easily handle a party of 200+ people.  


    • Professional Bi-Amplified PA Speaker System 
    • Included Remote Control and 3 Meter Power Cord
    • Master Volume, Treble, and Bass Controls
    • Master 5-Band Equalizer
    • LCD Indicator Display with Menu
    • Handle & Wheels for Easy Mobility 
    • Patented RAVEª LED Light with Switch
    • 3-Channel Sound Board
    • Main Channel: Bluetooth, USB, SD, FM, or AUX
    • Auxiliary Inputs: RCA and XLR Jacks
    • Channel 2: XLR and 1/4" Audio Jacks with Level Control
    • Channel 3: XLR and 1/4" Audio Jacks with Level Control
    • XLR and NL4 (8 ohm) Output Jacks (Connect a passive or active speaker) 
    • Dual 15" Woofers with 50mm KSV Voice Coils and 60 oz Ferrite Magnets
    • Wide Dispersion Horn Tweeter with 35 oz Ferrite Magnet
    • Trapezoidal ABS Impact Resistant Nylon Fiber Cabinet 
    • Music Power: 6500 Watts
    • Bluetooth Version: 4.2
    • Linear Frequency Response: 55Hz-18KHz
    • Unit Weight: 68 lbs (31 kgs)
    • Unit Height: 44.6”

Questions & Answers

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  • Does this speaker have the ability to run on battery power? Or does it require AC power?

    This speaker runs on AC only. 

  • Do u ship to Canada

    Yes, we ship to Canada. Choose Canda shipping at checkout. 

  • What is the Warranty on this speaker for mechanical repair if needed?

    We have a 1 year parts and repair warranty on the speaker. If anything goes wrong in this time frame you can send it to us and we will fix it or we can send you the parts you need to repair it yourself.