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Party Machine with 3x10" Woofers, 2x4" Midrange Drivers, and LED Traffic Light - 2600W

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  • This party machine is a perfect way to set the right mood for your next event. SP-143BT includes a stunning traffic light and ceiling projection light that creates a light show which is responsive to the music.  


    SP-143BT covers all the bases with its diverse array of woofers and drivers. The 3x10" woofers take care of the low bass notes, the 2x4" midrange drivers dominate the midrange frequencies, and the horn tweeter handles the high end. All together these drivers create a symphony of sounds which is ideal for a party setting. 

    Bluetooth & USB Dock Charger

    With the latest generation of Bluetooth, you can play music on this speaker from 30ft away using any compatible Bluetooth device. This is convenient for parties where cables will keep you away from the action. Built-In to the control panel is a USB dock charger that allows you to charge your bluetooth device so it doesn't run out of batteries. 

    Traffic and Ceiling Projection Party Lights 

    Features a traffic light, woofer lights, and a ceiling projection light, all of which move, flash, and change color in accordance with the beat of music. Along with the high fidelity sound, this light show provides for the ultimate party experience in one box. Click here to learn more about the traffic party light...

    Auxiliary Inputs/Outputs

    The built-in 3.5mm and RCA auxiliary inputs allow you to connect any Mp3 player or other audio device. This speaker also includes an RCA auxiliary output jack which allows you to connect any other speaker and have it play the same the music. You can read more about this here

    SD / USB MP3 Player

    With the included SD and USB ports, you can use any USB or SD card as albums or playlists by placing your music files on them. Then insert your USB or SD card in their respective port and the speaker will automatically begin to play the songs. You can then skip through the songs with the buttons and interactive display.

    Microphone and Guitar Inputs

    Built into the sound board of this speaker are two 1/4" Audio Jacks and one XLR Input that can be used to plug in a microphone, electrical instrument, or any other compatible audio source. You can then control the volume and echo of one 1/4" Jack and the XLR input, as well as control the volume and tone of the other 1/4" input, independently of the music that is playing though the Aux, Bluetooth, MP3, or FM Radio. This makes for a total or 3 different channels that audio can played from and independently controlled. 

    7-Band Graphic Equalizer

    If you like to fine tune the sound of your music, this speaker's sound board features a 7-Band Graphic Equalizer which allows you to fine tune your music across 7 different frequency ranges, all the way from the deep bass to high treble. The equalizer can be turned off for neutral listening by setting all the sliders to the highest position. Also included in the sound board are bass and treble knobs which allow you to easily control the bass and treble bands. 


    SP-143BT is great for any occasion where best quality sound is need. It can be setup in your living room  to play music throughout the day or you can turn on the lights, crank the volume and entertain a party of more than 50 people. This speaker will sound great no matter what volume you set it at. As a DJ speaker, SP-143BT also performs really well as it is able to withstand the demand for a heavy bass as well a high treble. DJ's can also utilize the graphic equalizer to make the speaker sound exactly the way it needs to for any specific audience. 


    • Remote Control
    • Sound Activated - Traffic Light, Ceiling Projection Laser Light, & Woofer Lights
    • Inputs: Bluetooth, 3.5mm AUX, (2) RCA, SD Card, USB, and FM Scan
    • 2 Microphone/Guitar
    • Output: Stereo AUX
    • Subwoofer: 3x10" Drivers
    • 2x4" Midrange Drivers
    • Horn tweeter
    • 360º Wheels 
    • Music Power: 200W RMS (2600W PMPO)
    • S/N Ratio: ≥ 80dB
    • Separation: ≥ 45dB
    • Power Supply: AC 110-230v 50-60Hz
    • Unit Height: 47 Inches (119.4cm) 
    • Unit Weight: 63lbs (28.6kgs) 
    • Box Dimensions: 50"x16"x21" 


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