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Rugged Party Speaker with 2x15" Woofers & Sound Activated Lights - 3500W

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  • This Rugged Party Speaker looks and sounds like a million bucks. It's rugged design and heavy construction allow this speaker to reach the lowest of bass notes.  


    SP-388BT features a 2.1 configuration with 2x15" woofers and 2 tweeters along with 3500W of peak power. This allows for a loud and dynamic sound that can really emphasize the bass notes. The built-in dual channel Class D Amplifier utilizes the drivers and power to create the ideal sound for a party. 

    Bluetooth Mode

    With the latest generation of Bluetooth, you can play music on this speaker from 30ft away using any compatible Bluetooth device. This is convenient for parties where cables will keep you away from the action. 

    Sound Activated Speaker Lights 

    Built in to each woofer and tweeter are sound activated lights that create a light show which is responsive to the music. Sound activated lights are great to promote a dancing environment at a party.  

    SD / USB MP3 Player

    With the included SD and USB ports, you can use any USB or SD card as albums or playlists by placing your music files on them. Then insert your USB or SD card in their respective port and the speaker will automatically begin to play the songs. You can then skip through the songs with the mp3 buttons and interactive display.

    Microphone and Guitar Inputs

    Included in the sound board of this speaker are three 1/4" audio jacks that allow you to connect a Microphone, Guitar, or any other compatible audio source. You can then control your three instruments or audio sources across 2 separate channels. See the picture of the control panel above for the specific arrangement and controls.   

    7-Band Graphic Equalizer 

    If you like to fine-tune the sound of your music, this speaker features a 7-Band Graphic Equalizer which allows you to tune your music across 7 different frequency ranges so the sound is just the way you like. The equalizer can be turned off for neutral listening by setting all the sliders to the highest position. Also included in the sound board are bass and treble knobs to easily controls the bass or treble bands. 

    Wireless Microphone

    Along with the 1/4" Microphone inputs, this speaker includes a Built-In Wireless Microphone that can be used to sing along with any of the audio sources playing through the speaker. This is great for karaoke parties or events where you need to the make announcements to your guests. 


    SP-388BT is the ideal speaker for outdoor parties and venues where you need a professional speaker that will be able to pump out enough bass without any distortion. The rugged design looks great outdoors and is less prone to scratches or damage in case of any accidents. It can comfortably entertain an outdoor party of 40+ people talking and dancing.  


    • Remote Control
    • Wireless Karaoke Microphone
    • Sound Activated Speaker Lights
    • Bluetooth, FM, AUX, and MP3 Modes
    • 3 Microphone/Guitar Inputs
    • Two 15" Woofers + Two x Tweeters
    • 360º Free Motion Wheels 
    • Music Power: 200W RMS (3500W PMPO)
    • S/N Ratio: ≥ 80dB
    • Separation: ≥ 45dB
    • Power Supply: AC 110-230v 50-60Hz
    • Unit Height: 47 Inches (119.4cm) 
    • Unit Weight: 83lbs (28.6kgs) 
    • AC: 110-220v 50-60Hz


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