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  • PA Speaker - Party Speaker System With 2x10

Party Speaker System with 2x10" Woofers and Sound Activated Traffic Light

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  • A speaker with lights is a perfect way to set the right mood for a party. SP-30BT embodies that idea with a stunning traffic light, ceiling projection light, and woofer lights. 


    With the newest generation of bluetooth, you can go anywhere within 30 feet of the speaker and play music without wires. It works with iPhone, Android, Windows, Blackberry, Mac and any device that is bluetooth compatible. Bluetooth technology is the best way to play music on a speaker with out getting tangled in cables. 

    Traffic and Ceiling Projection Party Lights 

    Features a traffic light, woofer lights, and a ceiling projection light, all of which move, flash, and change color according to the music that is playing through the speaker. This speaker with lights together with the high fidelity sound, provide for the ultimate party experience in one box. Click here to learn more about the traffic party light...

    SD / USB MP3 Player

    With the included SD and USB ports, you can now use your USB's or SD cards as albums or playlists by placing your music files on them. Then insert your USB or SD card in their respective port and the speaker will automatically begin to play the songs. You can then skip through the songs with the buttons and interactive display.

    Microphone and Guitar Inputs

    Have an electric guitar? a microphone? or both? With this speaker you can now sing and shred along to your favorite song that is playing through Bluetooth, the radio, Auxiliary or SD/USB. You can connect up to 3 guitars and microphones at one time and each instrument will have it own dedicated volume, low, mid, and high controls. What better way to immerse yourself into your favorite song than to play along with the band members? Add a wireless microphone to this speaker at a discounted price. Wireless Microphone.

    FM Scan

    You can get access to all the FM bands with speaker. Listen to your favorite beats from your favorite disc jockey.

    5-Band Graphic Equalizer

    If you like to fine-tune your listening, this speaker features a 5-Band Graphic Equalizer. This allows you to tune your music across 5 different frequency ranges so the sound is just the way you like. The equalizer can be turned off for neutral listening.

    Music Power

    With 180W RMS (2400W PMPO), these 2x10" woofers and horn drive really deliver a tremendously loud sound. Perfect for a party setting where there will be 30 people talking and dancing. This party speaker is so loud you may never even need to turn it up all way. 


    This speaker with lights is great for many different occasions. It can be utilized in your home for personal use to play music on occasion or you can turn on the lights and use the speaker for when you have guests over. This speaker is also great if you are having a party of up to 45 people that you want to entertain. The bass and treble is loud enough to beat through the sounds of your guests and still maintain a quality sound. As a speaker for a DJ, SP-30BT is especially good because it comes with the microphone inputs and lights built in. DJ's can also use the graphic equalizer to make the speaker sound sound the way it needs to for a specific audience. There is also a stereo input in the back to connect the speaker to your turn table or computer. 


    • Remote Control
    • Sound Activated - Traffic Light, Ceiling Projection Laser Light, & Woofer Lights
    • Inputs: Bluetooth, 3.5mm Line AUX, (2) Stereo AUX, SD Card, USB, and FM Scan
    • 2 Microphone Inputs
    • 1 Guitar Input
    • Output: Stereo AUX
    • Subwoofer: 2x10" Drivers
    • 10" Horn Drive
    • Music Power: 180W RMS (2400W PMPO)
    • S/N Ratio: ≥ 80dB
    • Separation: ≥ 45dB
    • Power Supply: AC 110v 60Hz
    • Box Dimensions: 39"x20.5"x16"
    • Unit Dimensions: 37"x18"x14"
    • Unit Weight: 54.5lbs
    • Gross Weight: 62lbs
    • UPC: 682055445199

    SP-30 BT - Speaker with Lights

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